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Money Mindset

By Mary Anne Fields Money or financial wealth appears in your life based, not on coincidence, effort or accident, but by your “mindset”. Mindset, in this context is a combination of thoughts, beliefs, values, and emotions. All are things that you can change and influence. No money? No problem! Start here.   Everyone has a […]

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  Dive In!

Dive In!


Indulge In Prosperity

How do you feel about the word “indulge”? Does it get your back up a little bit, cause a twinge, or remind you of words you’ve heard about the indulgent and spoiled rich? In your mind, does there seem to be a connection between arrogance and the indulged few? Does it seem that you don’t […]

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  Financial Speedometer

Money Consciousness – How To Reset Your Money Speedometer For 6-Figures

Money is an emotionally loaded word. After success coaching thousands of women entrepreneurs, I’ve observed that how we’re feeling about money shows up in our decisions and the actions we take. What is your first reaction when you see this word…? Money Is it excitement, eagerness or anticipation? Is it a mix of feelings, like […]

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