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Tasty, Addictive and Oh-So-Bad for You: The Big 5 Anxiety-Building Dietary Ingredients

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. I am doing a two part blog on anxiety. So if you’re feeling stressed out, the problem may not be just in your circumstances – it may be the common condition called Generalized Anxiety Disorder. And you don’t necessarily need to resort to the growing list of pharmaceuticals to […]

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Balance Rising Spring Passions with Natural Grounding and Centering Tools

With the fading of the cold winds come the first signs of spring – the daffodils and crocus poking their green shoots out of the ground; the first sighting of a robin; the geese flying north. All nature seems to take a deep breath and poise for a surge of growth. With this upward-springing thrust […]

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Register for Blissful Abundance and Empower Women and Girls Worldwide

Just Bee Wellness believes in the power of empowered individuals. That’s why founder Cassandra Herbert has chosen to donate 10% of all profits from this year’s Blissful Living and Loving III: Blissful Abundance web conference to Heal My Voice, an organization that empowers and supports women and girls globally to heal, reclaim their voice and […]

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Abundance in Relationships

Just about everywhere you look these days, you find information on the best way to prosper financially. Whether the best way is thinking positive thoughts, landing a job in a corner office, playing the stock market or racking up trust funds, prosperity is the goal…

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Start Your New Year with Steps Toward Empowerment!

Happy New Year! I’m hoping that your holidays have been joyous and filled with family, friends, and fun, and that 2014 is filled with wonder and wellness. And if you’re like 90% of the world, you’re probably beginning the year with a list of resolutions in your shiny new calendar… Maybe something like this: Resolved: […]

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Ask for What You Need and Want

I became aware of this concept in a intensive leadership program. The actual phrase we learned and practiced during this eight month intensive was “Ask for what you want and need 100% of the time, and then stick around and negotiate”.

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Breathe…Just Breathe…

by Cassandra Herbert How many times have you seen this scenario (or had it happen to you)? There’s a grand meltdown going on, great drama, tremendous stress, and in the middle of it, someone says – “Just breathe!” The person in crisis looks up in great irritation and says something to the effect of “I […]

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3 Steps in the Journey from Shadow to Lotus by Nandi Hetenyi

Guest post by our Mental and Emotional Wellness expert, Nandi Hetenyi. What we strive for in perfection is not what turns us into the lit angel we desire. What disturbs and then nourishes has everything we need. – David Whyte We all have shadowy stuff; darker emotions or thoughts about ourselves, the world or how […]

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Spotlight on Beta Carotene

Sunday, June 3rd was national Cancer Survivor’s Day and in honor of all those who have won their battles against cancer, or who continue to fight, we’d like to use this month’s newsletter to highlight cancer prevention strategies. We begin with a spotlight on beta carotene. Beta carotene is a well-known carotenoid responsible for the […]

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