Blissful Living and Loving: A Virtual Conference on Love, Sex and Relationships


The Just BEE Wellness team has assembled another great series for you!

Blissful Living and Loving: A Virtual Conference on Love, Sex and Relationships brings together 20 outstanding presenters to share their knowledge and expertise on how you can achieve self-love, stronger relationships, and find your bliss. The conference begins February 6th, 2012 and continues through February 23rd. You are able to participate virtually via the web or by phone. Once you've registered you will receive email notifications prior to each presentation, including reserved access information.

Blissful Living and Loving is a unique conference in more ways than one:

  1. Presentations and discussions will provide you a distinct and in-depth focus on overlooked aspects of the oft-discussed topics of Love & Relationships, and sensitively, but openly delve into the seldom-discussed topic of Sex.
  2. Our virtual presentations and "Blissful Lounge" provide you opportunity to get your questions answered, your perspective shared and your needs and concerns addressed in an interactive, supportive and collaborative forum.
  3. Each of our presenters are able to engage you in a clear & compelling style, and assist you in making incremental and seismic personal paradigm shifts.
  4. You receive presentation and related resources from more than 20 dynamic speakers, special speaker and conference promotions, access to conference media archive, and much more – all from the comfort and convenience of the location of your choosing, and for an investment of just $39.99
Specific presentation topics include:

Conference Registration Options:


  •  Access to conference and site resources designated as "Complimentary"Learn more



  •  Full access to conference presentations, media and resources except "Blissful Workshops"… Learn more



  •  Unrestricted access to all conference presentations, media and resources including "Blissful Workshops"… Learn more



PLUS, we’ll feature two intensive workshops – one hosted by "Sex Teacher of the Century" Sheri Winston of Intimate Arts Center, and the other by dynamic duo Carl and Kenya Stevens of Jujumama.

These two individual presentations are additional** to the conference presentations and are offered in an extended workshop format. They are designed to provide you a concentrated and focused study on their respective topics:

Sheri Winston

Sheri Winston

The Pussies and Puppies School of Love: Mastering the Dance of Feminine & Masculine

A workshop by Sheri Winston that will help you better understand the unique complexities of male and female erotic energy, harness their potential and master their use. Learn more…



Carl and Kenya Stevens

Carl and Kenya Stevens

Progressive Love and Gender Harmonics

A workshop by dynamic couple Carl and Kenya Stevens that will explore the tenets of the "Progressive Love Movement" and show you how to use them to build stronger relationships. Learn more…

**You may participate in these two workshops individually for the price of $19.99 each (see payment buttons above), as a package bundle for $39.98, or inclusive with your purchase of the Premium Bliss Plus package for just $59.99.


If you're ready to enter a new phase of personal and relationship satisfaction, you’ll want to register today and become a part of the Just BEE community.

We urge you to take this step now – for yourself, for your partner, and for your relationship.

Check back regularly for more details as the site is updated!


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