Blissful Living and Loving III: Blissful Abundance

  • Abundance By Definition: 1 A great or plentiful amount. 2 Fullness to overflowing. 3 Affluence; wealth.

    prosperity symbol

    Prosperity Symbol

    Do you ever feel overwhelmed by feelings of scarcity and fear? Are self-doubt and feelings of shame and anxiety keeping you from accomplishing all that you want personally and professionally?

    Social, cultural and media messages can convince us that we are not enough or there's not enough – money, food, love, you name it – to go around. Advertisers tell us that if we only buy THIS product or use THAT cream, we’ll be beautiful, loved, safe and happy. Even our own past experiences can leave us believing that we're unworthy of success or loving relationships.

    Instead, if you want, and are ready, to experience a reassuring, empowering and blissful life of abundance and prosperity in 2014 and beyond -- then THIS conference is designed just for you!

    Join us for our 3rd Annual (February 24 - February 28, 2014)
    Just BEE Wellness Blissful Living and Loving III Virtual Conference

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    It's time to adjust our mindsets. It's time to open ourselves to the true meaning and experience of abundance!

    You're invited to join us for our third annual Just BEE Wellness Blissful Living and Loving Conference: Blissful Abundance.

    Blissful Abundance is a week-long virtual series bringing together experts who will help to shift, strengthen and empower you to have a mindset of abundance. And with a mindset of abundance, you can experience a happier, healthier, thriving life.

    We hope you'll join us. It's going to be a blissful time!


    Who is the conference for?

    Blissful Abundance is for women, men and couples. We’ve assembled a distinguished group of presenters with expertise in a diverse and valuable range of topics.

    What you can expect?

    During Blissful Living and Loving, you will experience presentations that are engaging, thought provoking, and featuring presenters with a passion for their topics. Presenters will also share a number of supplemental resources and tools to help you take your learning offline.

    How Do I Participate?

    Access to our LIVE Blissful Abundance presentations is free when you register. You can listen online or by calling in.

    For a small fee, you can upgrade your listening experience by purchasing access to our presentation recordings:
    Blissful Abundance is for women, men and couples. We've assembled a distinguished group of presenters with expertise in a diverse and valuable range of topics.

    • For $7.99 you can purchase individual presentation recordings.
    • For $39.99 you can get recordings of all our live presentations, as well as speaker bonuses
    • For $69.99 you get recordings of all presentations, our speaker bonuses and a one-year membership to Just BEE Wellness.

    Want copies of the presentation recordings and our virtual gift bag of speaker bonuses?
    Take advantage of one of our upgrade options.

    Conference Registration Options:


    •  Access LIVE conference presentation"
    •  Access presentation replay recordings for up to 48hrs
    • And more






    Previous Blissful Living and Loving Conferences were a hit with listeners and we're so excited about this next installment of the series.

    If you're ready to experience greater abundance, we invite you to register today – for yourself and for those you love.


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