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    • Awakening Your Sacred Sexual Power
      Awakening Your Sacred Sexual Power If you feel like you're giving in or giving up on sex, you're not alone. Almost half the women in the U.S. deal with sexual challenges or disinterest. But perhaps the problem lies not with "dysfunction" in women but rather not enough depth, intimacy and sacredness in the bedroom to awaken a women's natural sensual potency.

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    • The Ayurvedic Diet: Eat Right for your Body-Mind Type
      The Ayurvedic Diet: Eat Right for your Body-Mind Type Achieve optimum health by adjusting your diet to your digestive system type based on Ayurveda principles. Our presenter, Khabir Southwick will help you discover your body-mind type or Dosha and explain the various eating and living guidelines for each dosha. By the end of the session, you'll know exactly what vegetables, fruits, grains, oils, sweeteners and beverages are best for your body-mind type to feel and be healthy and vibrant. This is a fascinating subject, made even more entertaining by Khabir's engaging style.

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    • The Art of Receiving
      The Art of Receiving Most people are exceptional givers. They will give of their time, energy and money. They will give and give until they hit depletion. If that sounds familiar, it is time to learn how to receive.

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    • Yoga For Manifesting Abundance
      Yoga For Manifesting Abundance Abundance is the frequency of self love within the infinite creativity of the universe. The first impulse of the universe is to create and the second is to love the creation. Therefore when we love ourselves first we are loving the very creative impulse of the universe. And this is how the entire abundance of the infinite universe continues to create and manifest.

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    • Building Intimate, Healthy Relationships With The Love Mindset
      Building Intimate, Healthy Relationships With The Love Mindset If we are to love each other, we must know each other. You’ve already heard that to love someone else, you must first love yourself, and perhaps you thought you had that covered. So why are relationships still so difficult? Join author, speaker, and spiritual teacher Vironika Tugaleva as she unwinds the common pitfalls of relationships and reveals just how crucial our mindsets are towards building the relationships that we so deeply desire. This is not another discussion of the perfect way to attract a soul mate. It isn’t about doing all the right things or executing tips and tricks that

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    • Sex as Prayer: Exploration of the Healing Power of Sexual Energy
      Sex as Prayer: Exploration of the Healing Power of Sexual Energy Ayana Burnett, LCSW-C will present an exploratory series on bringing the sacred into the space of sex and how to carry the energy of ecstasy away with you.

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    • Overcome Your Money Gremlin To Attract Abundance
      Overcome Your Money Gremlin To Attract Abundance Join Evelyn Lim for a transformative, breakthrough experience on getting past your money gremlins to attract abundance to your life.

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    • The Abundant Relationship
      The Abundant Relationship The husband-wife duo of Dan Teck and Jodi Chapman believe that love doesn’t hurt, relationships aren’t hard work, and true soul mates hold each other’s hands through life – rather than butt heads and push buttons. They believe that if you and your partner are on the same team, you can make it through anything!

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    • exhibitor - Sexuality, Power and Money
      Sexuality, Power and Money The path of many people has been to explore personal growth and spirituality. Now it is time to connect to the power in the body. In this conversation, we will go on an exploration of the essence of your sexuality, connecting to your inner authority and personal power and opening the channels to the flow of money, resources and support.

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    • exhibitor - The 3 Critical Secrets to an Abundant Relationship
      The 3 Critical Secrets to an Abundant Relationship In this talk, psychologist and relationship expert, Dr. Karen Sherman will reveal the 3 critical secrets to creating the relationship you want. You will not only understand what they are, but learn the tools to start putting them into action now!

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    • Love Yourself to Attract Abundance
      Love Yourself to Attract Abundance Blissful Abundance and wellness start with loving yourself and treating yourself well. All relationships start within; whether that is a relationship with another person, money, “luck”, health or anything else, the relationship you have with yourself have a strong effect on every other relationship you have, so make it a good one! There are really only two rules to follow to make sure you’re loving yourself and attracting abundance into your life. Listen in to learn these two rules and some tricks and tools to transform your relationship with yourself.

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    • Get Grounded and Allow Abundance To Flow
      Get Grounded and Allow Abundance To Flow [UPDATE: Due to a scheduling change, this presentation will air LIVE on Feb. 28th at 3pm Eastern. Apologies for any inconvenience.] The root chakra is all about survival and the most basic needs: eating, drinking, sleeping, making a living, being safe in the world, having a right to exist! Located in the genital area, it also fuels the sex drive at the most basic level. When your root chakra is out of balance, you may feel you’re disconnected from the warmth and vitality of life. You may be fatigued or anemic; your immune system may be weak and you may catch contagious

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    • Abundant Health
      Abundant Health Join Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo for an informative and engaging presentation on how to have robust and abundant health and wellness. Among topics covered include: adrenal fatigue, thyroid imbalance, blood sugar, and the natural methods to correct these imbalances.

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