Blissful Living and Loving III: Registration Options

  • The Basic Registration

    The Basic Registration is our commitment-free, no-cost option that allows you to listen to any of our conference presentations as they’re airing live. If you miss a live presentation, you have up to 48-hours after it airs to listen to its recording.

    Benefits of this option include:

    • Access to all LIVE conference presentations
    • Access presentation replay recordings for up to 48hrs 24hrs

    If, after hearing a presentation, you decide you’d like to own its recording, you can still purchase it for $7.99.

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    The Premium Bliss Registration

    Does our line-up of speakers have you excited about every presentation? Would you like to attend them all but aren’t sure if your schedule will permit it? Then Premium Bliss is for you.
    For the low cost of $39.99, this option offers:

    With Premium Bliss, you never have to worry about missing a presentation and you get additional resources to support your journey towards more satisfying personal relationships.

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    The Premium Bliss Plus Registration

    Premium Bliss Plus is an amazing value that includes a one-year membership to our Just BEE Wellness community. Through your membership, you'll have unlimited access to our monthly wellness presentations and discounts on our quarterly cleanses, intensive workshops, and other conferences.

    For just $69.99, the full benefits for this registration include:

    • EVERYTHING included in the Premium Package
    • Access to Blissful Living & Loving II including interviews with Deborah Kagen, Ellen Eatough and others…
    • Blissful Living and Loving I workbook with over 100 pages filled with a collection of blissful articles, expert advice and more
    • Wealth By Intention Workshop with Christine Conway and Cassandra Herbert (Recording and Worksheets)
    • Just BEE Community membership for 1 yr.
    • Access to our entire interview catalog with wellness experts from around the world
    • TWO value-packed sets of downloadable recordings and materials from Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo's VITAL Community

      It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world. The "butterfly effect", as the concept is known, also applies to a butterfly-shaped gland within your body — the thyroid gland.

      This little gland, gently wrapping around your windpipe, is a BIG command center for your metabolism, and when it’s not working right, the ripple effects create havoc for your whole body.

      As a special gift for you, Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo has created TWO value-packed sets of downloadable recordings and materials from her VITAL Community (Vibrant Ideas and Tools for Awesome Living). These presentations and e-books will help you to understand your thyroid health, identify if you might have a potential thyroid imbalance, and learn how to use foods, herbs and nutrients to heal!

    • 20 Healthy Raw Snacks and Treats e-book by Carolyn Hanse
    • Lessons From the Miracle Doctors e-book by Jon Barron
    • 10 Secrets of Successful Weight Loss e-book by Nancy Desardins
    • Wellness Inventory - The Wellness Inventory is a dynamic, interactive tool to help you determine your personal wellness priorities and achieve your goals by integrating all aspects of your life, as represented by 12 key dimensions. To find out more, take a tour of the Inventory
    • 1 hour complimentary nutritional wellness discovery session with Cassandra Herbert
    • One complimentary support cleanse

    The Premium Bliss Plus registration is a gift that keeps giving, month after month. If you're really want to live more abundantly, you'll want Premium Bliss Pluss.

    Upgrade To Premium Plus ($69.99)

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