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    As a valued member of the Just B.E.E. Wellness community, your privacy is of utmost importance. You can also expect to only receive emails and information from Just B.E.E. Wellness and/or Zest & Harmony Counseling, host of the Just B.E.E. Wellness Tele-Series.

    We do not ever sell your information to third parties. Any personal information that you provide (name, email, address, etc.), either while registering for the site, requesting information, or participating in the forum, is never shared, except under the following conditions:

    • When required to do so by law; or
    • To protect personal or public safety; or
    • To protect the integrity of this website.

    In addition, when taking part in question and answer (Q&A) segments of the Just B.E.E. seminars, you should remember that the sessions are recorded and copies of those recordings are provided to purchasers of the Premium Package. Therefore, you are still urged to guard your personal information whenever you are using the Internet and/or participating in a live call.

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, please email info@justbeewellness.com.

    Comment Policy & Code of Conduct

    We want to hear from you and encourage you to comment on our forum. However, we do ask that you adhere to a few guidelines:

    • Discussion is encouraged, but must remain civil and respectful. We do not tolerate disrespect, discourtesy, vulgarity, or threats of violence on our online forums.
    • Feel free to post using your real name, but please limit the amount of personal information you share to only what you are absolutely comfortable with and only what relates specifically to you (see below).
    • Please never share personal, identifying information relating to others (if/when we see it, your post will be deleted immediately).
    • We use spam filters to delete any comment believed to be spam. Any spam that makes it through the filters will be deleted manually.
    • You may share links to any relevant items/pages, including your own organization websites, however please do not use the Just B.E.E. forum to solicit donations.

    Reporting Abuse

    Forum participants can help us maintain a safe space. Please do not encourage abuse by responding to abusive posts or otherwise engaging in the furthering of inappropriate topics and posts.

    If you notice anything you find offensive on the Just B.E.E. online forums, we would appreciate it if you would let us know by sending an email to info@justbeewellness.com.

    Limited Liability

    In planning the Just B.E.E. Women’s Wellness Tele-Series, we have done our best to assemble a diverse array of speakers and health and wellness specialists. However, you are cautioned against beginning any new health, fitness or mental health regimen without first consulting your personal physician or mental health care provider.


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