Presentation Spotlight: The Healing Power of Sound

Sound has been used as the first line of treatment for centuries in ancient and indigenous cultures, from drumming in Native American and African traditions, to chanting in Buddhist and Yogic traditions.

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How is Being Emotionally Attached to Your Belongings Preventing You from Receiving Your New Abundance?

Clutter is one of the biggest drainers of energy in any environment. Cristi Earnshaw, The Abundance Whisperer, specializes in helping her clients remove clutter and transform the space in their home and office! more…

03/20/2015 to listen

Journaling for the Health of It with Mari L. McCarthy

Mari McCarthy of CreateWriteNow with Mari guides and inspires you to use your Journaling for the Health of It™ Practice for self-awareness, self-growth and self-healing and to reap the many benefits of Journaling: more…

02/25/2015 to listen

5 Ways to Live a Purposeful Life with Passion

Uncovering your true passions reveals the path to your gifts. Your gifts lead you in service to a life you love, with purpose and prosperity. In this presentation, Kristen Rockenbach, will take you through 5 ways to live a more passionate and purposeful life. more…

01/28/2015 to listen

The 4 Secrets to Long-Lasting Beauty and Loving YOU Just the Way YOU Are! with Arttemis Keszainn

What we eat directly affects our inner and outer beauty. Women deserve to be beautiful! And there are 4 Nutritional Pillars women can practice each day that will help them look and feel more beautiful, inside and out. In this presentation Arttemis will share his revolutionary and practical 4 Pillars of Health and Beauty plus some recipes that will help women achieve more radiant skin, healthy hair, and maybe even shed a few pounds too! more…


Airing Soon!

How to Avoid a ‘Should-ie’ Christmas…and Save Money in the Process with Jason Krausert

Why is Christmas gift-giving so stressful for so many? In a word, “should”. According to Money Coach Jason Krausert, the “joy of giving” has evolved into the “obligation to give”“I should give this.” “I should buy for everyone.” “I should buy the more expensive gift.” As a result, we usually spend more than we feel good about spending, and too often that expense carries on long after Christmas in the form of credit card or other debt. more…

11/20/2014 to listen

Embracing Life’s Detours with Dr. Ramona Hollie-Major

For those of us who are accustomed to taking road trips, detours are our least favorite things to experience. If you’ve ever taken a road trip, you are familiar with these detours that take us off course: road blocks, accidents, construction, unexpected weather, as well as fatigue, weariness, and sleepy drivers that can put us in harm’s way. Some of these detours are so discouraging, they give us the urge to turn around and go back home, but we don’t because either we’ve traveled too far to turn around or we’re determined to reach our planned destination—especially if it’s a trip we’ve been planning for a very long time. Somehow, the detours seem to be worth the effort. more…

11/12/2014 to listen

How to Ditch PMS and Get Happy!

Do PMS cravings send you straight for the cookies and salty snacks each month? Do you experience crazy mood swings, anxiety, depression, or "weepiness" on a monthly basis? You Are NOT Alone! more…

10/23/2014 to listen

How to Get Your Best Body in 6 Weeks with Carol Dunlop

Imagine how you'll feel 6 weeks from now when you look in the mirror and see a new you. Think it can't happen? Think again. You can do this and you will be able to fit this process into your busy schedule. You'll discover how to create a habit you can really live with. more…

10/01/2014 to listen

Integral Recovery is for All of Us with John Dupuy

We all suffer. Some of us have life-threatening addictions and some of us not. But suffering is universal, and so many of us have forgotten who and what we really are, and why we are here, both as a collective human family and realizing our own unique individual callings and gifts. Integral Recovery provides us with the essential map to see what must be done and what cannot be safely neglected, as well as essential lifetime practices to keep us healthy and sober, wake us up, and keep us awake. more…


Airing Soon!

Financial Chakras with Ash Shukla

Interested in making healthier and more rewarding financial choices? Want to become more financially savvy in your business & personal financial decision making? Then this presentation may be just for you. more…

09/12/2014 to listen

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