Money Mindset

  • By Mary Anne Fields

    Money or financial wealth appears in your life based, not on coincidence, effort or accident, but by your "mindset". Mindset, in this context is a combination of thoughts, beliefs, values, and emotions. All are things that you can change and influence. No money? No problem! Start here.


    Everyone has a money setpoint. This is the amount of money you have that you feel totally 13563383_scomfortable with. If you have "limiting" beliefs about money, they will hold you back from wealth. If you have clear, true beliefs about money, you will be rolling in it. You formed your beliefs about money from your parents, culture and media and continued to form them through your own experiences. You picked up beliefs such as "I'm no good with money" or "Money is not important to me" or "Money doesn't grow on trees (meaning it's hard to get)" or "Work hard and the money will come", etc. Each of these and many more will serve to limit the amount of wealth you can sustain. When you hear about lottery winners who lost it all within a few short years, this is the principle that makes that happen. You simply can't have more money than your beliefs will support. At least not for very long! So we want to raise that setpoint by clearing out limiting beliefs to more closely match our own desires for wealth. To begin working with your beliefs about money, make a list of as many as you can think of. Think about each and look at how they could be affecting your prosperity.


    Stretch and you will receive. Often, even with healthy beliefs about money, we don't allow money to flow in because we are living small lives. We have restricted our self-expression to relatively small, safe areas. It is when we stretch out of that box, move into new arenas, try something new, even bold, that we open up our lives to the abundance that has always been there. Truly this can affect your money flow significantly. So stretch out a bit, see what this opens up for you. What dreams are you "sitting" on? What small steps could you take today to widen your horizons or to start to live one of your dreams?


    Money is a flow. Money is not static, not meant to be hoarded and not meant to stagnate. It is a flow, a flow just like an energy flow. It comes in and it goes out. You can probably see that in your own life. Some of us have more in than out, some more out than in (probably most people) and some just enough flows in and just enough flows out. Each of these flows represents where we are consciously or subconsciously with money. If money is held tightly, one hoards, is stingy, and the flow in and out is blocked. The feeling generated (or causing this) is one of lack or not enough money. If money flows out so that it exceeds that which comes in, it starts the debt/fear cycle which further restricts or blocks the incoming flow. I like to think of this like a river. The river is flowing with money instead of water. You may have a tank that draws and stores money from the river of money, but it doesn't impede the flow or lessen the output in any significant way. So the money coming in is more than ample for your needs and desires. The tank is your working money (investing, charitables, etc.) or savings for large desireables. The river below this tank (outgoing) is the money you spend or donate. No matter how little your income, it is important to the flow to be giving. It is useful to look clearly at your money flow. Look at your income in and expenses out. Which is greater? What is your debt? What are your assets? What percentage do you save? What percentage do you give to others (charities, etc.)? What does this picture tell you about your money flow?


    Money is what you think it is. If you think of a typical large river with water, the volume in gallons of water is huge! Because of the way the natural world works, there is always more water coming in and flowing out (if left alone!). All of this is available to you. A river of money has more money than you could possibly spend and is available to you for the taking. But often we perceive that there is a very limited supply of money for which we must compete. We feel there is not enough to go around. Some of us think (guiltily) that if we get a lot, someone else will have to do with only a little. So in our river example, you'd be looking at a small creek instead of a large river. But if you perceive that there truly are oceans and oceans of money available, essentially an unlimited supply, then it frees you to receive in the most miraculous way. Practice thinking of money as a huge river flowing your way. When reading this paragraph, what did your river look like? What thoughts did you have about the pictures you see in your mind? What feelings did it invoke? What can you learn from this about your mindset about money?



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