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  • Post by Cassandra Herbert.

    I have been wanting to experience Biodanza ever since Michelle Dubreuil Macek presented for the Just BEE Women’s Tele-series in October 2011. Biodanza, which means Dance of Life, is a system that integrates music, movement and authentic interactions to provide an intense feeling of being alive, in the here-and-now. These experiences are known as Vivencias, coined from the Spanish root: vivir (to live).

    Vivencias are doors to access primal emotions and promote the emergence of movement that is the most natural expression of your true self. Vivencias also follow the organic movements of life—its biological rhythms, the pulse of the heart, and the impulse to connect with others.

    After hearing Michelle talk about Vivencias and the five human celebrated in Biodanza (vitality, sexuality, creativity, affectivity and transcendence), I knew it was something I should experience. The stars finally aligned and I was able to attend Michelle’s workshop, “Celebrate the Feminine.” It was a workshop to joyfully celebrate the feminine that is in us all – the Yin and the Yang, the Heart & the Strength, the Desire & the Power. It was a workshop filled with dance, vitality, sensuality and joy.

    When I got to the class, there were eight women, including Michelle, sitting on blankets. We did introductions and shared how we’d been led to Biodanza. After that we, were instructed to listen to the music and dance from the heart. Dancing from the heart means just thatÉto dance, unhindered and no further instructions or choreography. You are to be the creator of your own dance.

    “Uh oh!” I thought. “What have I gotten myself into?”

    I am used to classes with instruction. Now I was just supposed to feel it? This was very new for me.
    I could feel some resistance rising inside me. If this is what it means to tap into my feminine, just to be with what is and allow my body to go with the rhythm of the music, I didn’t know if I liked it.

    Then we were instructed to form a circle, hold hands and dance. As we are dancing in the circle, we were also encouraged to smile and make eye contact with the other women in the circle.

    Okay. Another way to just be, right? I was feeling a little vulnerable. I mean, I want to smile and make eye contact, but when should I look away. I don’t want to gaze too long or too intensely.

    That’s when I realized that I was thinking too much. Michelle had advised us several times not to think, to just be in the moment. Well, I know my business is called Just BEE, but it can be hard to stay in the moment. Perhaps what I most need to learn is what I aim to teach.

    As the class went on we did different types of dances. One such dance involved partnering off and touching your partner, index finger tip to finger tip. Then, we closed our eyes and again allowed the music to direct how our fingers would move together. No one was the leader. It was just feeling the flow. Michelle states “we tap into the feminine by slowing down into the fluidity this finger exercise is jus that...with another in "eutony" ..."one" "tone"...and slowly” .I found this dance to be very powerful. It was really about letting go of my desire to control or to lead. I was surrendering to the flow

    Again I wondered, “Is this taping into the feminine energy?”

    In the afternoon we really got into the vitality and sensual aspect of being feminine. Michelle had us move our hips to the rhythm of the music and immediately our moods, which had been more introspective, livened up. I also found this part very enjoyable, walking with a feminine stride, smiling at the other women, and moving my hips from side to side and making things jiggle. Now, I could see how I was taping into my feminine energy!

    Another dance that caused me some vulnerability was when we each had to dance for a partner to a song that was about 4 minutes long. Immediately I started to overthink.

    What would my partner think of me? Why can’t I practice the dance first? (My need for control coming up again) How would I look? What would I do? HELP!!

    My partner went first and did a beautiful dance. Then it was my turn. At first I felt a bit uneasy, but finally let go and felt the music. I danced and swirled and got so caught up in the dance that I ended with a split. I felt awesome afterwards! This dance showed me the power of letting go and just being in the flow.

    Overall, this Biodanza workshop was a wonderful experience that taught me to:

    • Be open to what is;
    • Allow abundance to flow into my life;
    • Be the creator of my own dance;
    • Surrender;
    • Be vulnerable;
    • Take time to connect with all those who cross my path; and
    • Make eye contact, be non-judgmental, and honor all those I connect with.

    After this, I am convinced that Biodanza truly is the dance of life! If you ever have opportunity to attend a workshop, please do so. Go with an open mind and open heart, both eager to be filled with joy and fun. You won’t be disappointed.


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