New Year Resolutions, The Law of Attraction and Your Subconscious Mind

  • By Shari Blauer

    Before Jim Carrey became a superstar, he wrote himself a $10 million dollar cheque which he meditated on regularly. The cheque represented what he believed he would earn from a movie one day. He believed in the reality of that cheque and eventually, that cheque became a reality.

    A few years ago, Rhonda Byrne's book and DVD 'The Secret' popularized this age-old idea of asking for and receiving what you want, materially and otherwise (though mostly materially) from a benevolent universe. It was an international sensation. Millions sought to put the Law of Attraction into use to learn how they could increase their experience of abundance. And not long after The Secret achieved rock star status, the global economy spiraled into the abyss, causing substantial layoffs, bankruptcies and an upsurge in crime. Are these two phenomena related? Perhaps...

    The premise on which the Law of Attraction is based is that we live in a vibrational universe. Quantum physicists concur with this premise, to the point that they say the observer can determine whether they will see/create a wave or a particle, depending on what they expect to see. It isn't so much that seeing is believing, but rather that believing is seeing.

    So there is scientific evidence that we do create our own reality to some degree. But if it is true that what you send out comes back to you, do you really know what you are sending out? The answer can best be found in the subconscious mind. Say your conscious mind says it wants you to be a millionaire, but your subconscious believes that wealth means greed or that only the poor are close to God or that you simply don't deserve wealth, which message wins?

    The Secret stressed how your emotions help to amplify the orders you place to the universe. And in the realm of the emotions, the subconscious mind reigns supreme. It's the voice of addiction that makes you reach for the cigarette when your conscious mind knows it shouldn't. It's the voice that tells you the diet can be postponed for tomorrow when your conscious mind knows better. In your own life, which voice typically has the upper hand? If the answer was your conscious mind, you wouldn't have the same New Year's resolutions this year as you did last year, or the year before -and those positive affirmations would have worked in a jiffy.

    So what can you do to change these beliefs? Hypnosis is one tool that works directly on your subconscious to effectively shift those thoughts that are no longer serving you. For those who say hypnosis a form of brainwashing, they're right: it's a way to effectively 'wash your brain' of the voices of that critical teacher in first grade you still have in your mind, the uncle who said you'd never amount to anything; the sibling who said you'll never make it as an artist. For these, I say bring on the 'brain-washing.'

    As for the power of attraction, the fewer self-sabotaging or contradictory vibes you send out to the universe, the clearer a channel you'll be in asking for and attracting into your life what's truly best for you. But until you get there, you may want to ask, what are your strongly held beliefs right now? You'd better find out before you place your order to the universe.

    So you say your conscious mind wants more abundance in your life? Abundance isn't simply about money, is it? It's about living your life to the fullest, authentically and joyfully. Doing what makes you, as a unique individual, happy and productive, loving and loved, not what that definition is for Bill Gates or Madonna, but for you. If your bliss is being a professional dog walker or an anthropologist, so be it. The bonus is that living a more authentic, unique life is also considered to be the best way to tap into a more positive experience of the Law of Attraction.

    As healing practitioners, one of our principle jobs is to use a series of tools, including hypnosis, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques or Meridian Tapping), aura or energy reading and Vortex healing to help to see, understand and remove the barriers to people's experience of health on all levels; this is especially true when it comes to clearing the clutter in the subconscious mind. For without doing a spring cleaning on the psyche, careful what you ask for, because you just might get it. The other thing we do is to help people get back in touch with their authentic selves so that you know what to ask for to live your own unique life to the fullest.

    Here's to a happy (brand) New Year!

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