Empowerment Tools To Wellness

  • In this informative and empowering workshop, you will learn the following wellness tools:

    1. FOOD CHOICE: You ARE what you eat. Choose the best "fuel" for the best results-- low sugar, high fiber, mostly plant based foods
    2. BREATHE: Before reacting to someone or something, take a deep breath, focus on your heart, then 'pro-act' by speaking from a place of love
    3. NO MORE "SHOULD": "Should" dis-empowers you. Reframe your words. Rather than "I should make a different choice" to "I choose/want to make a different choice."
    4. STOP CHEATING: Make the best choice even when no one is watching. YOU'RE worth it!
    5. ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE: Start every day by writing down 5 things for which you are grateful



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