Feminine Transitions

  • Aging, for women, brings a kind of grace and beauty so skin deep that it would be impossible to find in a younger woman. From birth to growing old, women go through various phases of physical, psychological and emotional transitions. Women tend to endure love, joy, pain and sorrow with intensity greater than what men experience. The impact of these experiences is most apparent in the physical transitions of a woman.

    One can write thousands of words defining the journey of a woman from childhood to adulthood. However, Alyscia Cunningham, a multi-talented photographer, takes a whole new route in her new book Feminine Transitions, taking the viewers on a photographic journey through the transitions of women. With every picture being an excellent portrayal of different phases of feminine transition. From a young and naive little girl with bright eyes, to a frail, yet wise, older woman with wrinkled skin, the book invites viewers to embrace the beauty of feminine aging.  Alyscia with share with you:

    1. The story behind Feminine Transitions.

    2. How does Feminine Transitions relate to society?

    3. Why it's important to embrace the aging process.


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