Healing Inner Dis-Ease for Everyday Fulfillment

  • Many business owners and health professionals are unknowingly infected with the Lack Virus. This dis-ease makes it difficult to enjoy life and be fulfilled. When this virus is left untouched, individuals consistently find themselves in situations where they struggle, have to prove themselves, feel unworthy, stressed-out, unproductive or can't seem to get ahead no matter what they do.

    Because they don't know they're infected, they blame themselves and think something is wrong with them. Some are embarrassed by their struggles and try their best to hide it for fear of being judged. Others think they must fight or overcome the lack. None of these are healthy habits. Blaming, hiding and trying to overcome the Lack Virus only strengthens it. What can be done then to heal this dis-ease and enjoy more freedom, inner-peace and fulfillment?

    In this presentation, you'll learn:

    • How you 'caught' the Lack Virus and how it affects every part of your life
    • Why fighting back or trying to overcome it only makes you struggle more
    • The one technique that will heal this dis-ease
    • A simple 4 Step process to create a life that you can really get excited about

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    Originally Aired: Wed, Jan 30, 2013 from 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm EST


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