How Men Can Cultivate Their Masculine Energy to Manifest What They Want

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    In today’s world many men are struggling with the challenge of expressing their masculinity in healthy ways. On one end of the spectrum lies the ultra-aggressive man that feels the need to be a 24-hour competitive so-called Alpha male. He always finds himself leaning and over-extending his nature to be first and the winner at all costs. He is imbalanced and often destructive to himself and the world around him.

    At the other of the pendulum we find men confused from the planetary shift to a more feminine paradigm expressed through human compassion, a genuine concern for the environment and the rise of women in influential positions of power. These men often exhibit many of the feminine traits that have been traditionally associated with their gender counterparts. This phenomenon has created challenges with male/female relationships, male infertility and overall male productivity.

    The Master Masculine Man is primarily masculine yet also in tune with his feminine. He is balanced and the complete man. This is the ideal that men need to strive for in order to to manifest the greatness that lies within in today’s world.

    1. Ironically, the ultra-aggressive and feminine man is the same man, just two sides of the same coin. The ultra-aggressive man is compensating for not being in tune with his feminine side or even worse, he is hiding his imbalanced expressions of the feminine. Many men demonstrating feminine behaviors desire to be more masculine in their life endeavors yet don’t know how.
    2. This shift to a more feminine world paradigm is a celestial or galactic phenomenon required to balance the human species and planetary environment for its survival and its ascension. In order for men to manifest what they want in life they must learn a new language that requires a balancing of the masculine and feminine. The one-dimensional illusion of machoism is invalid.
    3. The Master Masculine Man embodies the Complete Man. He is primarily Masculine yet in tune with his Feminine, therefore he is balanced. It is this supreme balance which empowers him to manifest optimal health, harmonious relationships and excellence in productivity. It is imperative that each man is knowledgeable about this shift and consciously aligns with the Master Masculine principle in order to become the master of his own destiny.
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