Clarity For The Holi-Daze

  • Join Jacke Schroeder as she discusses how to have wellness and clarity during the "Holi-Daze".

    This is going to be an interactive discussion so come prepared to share your thoughts on how to stay sane during this busy time of year. We also invite your questions or comments.

    Unable to attend, please leave your comments or questions in the comment section below.

    To add to the discussion, please take a few moments to ponder and answer the following questions:

    1. What does this time of year mean to you?
    2. What challenges do you have mentally, spiritually and or physically during the Holi-Daze?
    3. Do you feel more connected or disconnected (with others, self and the spirit) during the holidays?
    4. What are some things you do to feel connected with others, self and the spirit?
    5. Are you able to stay mindful during the holidays? If so what are some things that you do?
    6. Do you set intentions for the holidays? Is so tell us about that.
    7. What can we do as a community to remain in the flow of the winter season when we might feel so busy and overwhelmed during the Holi-Daze?
    8. What can we do as a community to support one another not just during this time of the year, but at all times?


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