Making Love to Yourself, Making Love With the Universe

  • Sidonie Bouchet is the founder of the popular Facebook page Soul Sex. She speaks her thoughts and truths to over 30,000 fans daily with the intention of sharing her journey and understandings back to wholeness.

    In 2000 she was shown that her role here on planet Earth was that of a lightworker. The Universe spoke to her loudly about the need for lightworking in sexuality. She was told that we were being misguided about its role. Yes, it was meant for procreation, but more importantly sex was designed to merge us with All That Is. It is then that she created Soul Sex.

    Initially, a compilation of tantric posts, Soul Sex became a page for those seeking to merge in Oneness, with themselves, their lover's and ultimately with the Universe. Sidonie discovered that the more in alignment we are with our soul, the more sacred our sexual connections become.

    Her goal is to speak about soul sex, until it replaces the emptiness of pornography. She believes that ultimately we all seek complete merging, but that it is our woundedness, our belief in separation, that is stopping us from it becoming a reality.

    As we have the courage to face our stuff and in doing so, love ourselves back to our true essence, we will be able to once more be conscious, open-hearted and totally present in our lovemaking, thereby experiencing orgasmic activation in every cell of our being.

    This will not only heal us, but heal the world.

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    Originally Aired: Wed, May 1, 2013 from 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm EST


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