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  • Just BEE Wellness Seasonal Cleanse

    Why cleanse? Doesn’t your body do a perfectly good job of dealing with waste products on its own?

    Well, if you were eating the diet that humans ate through most of our evolution – fresh and unprocessed, and mainly alkaline with plenty of greens and roughage, washed down with pure water, yes, you’d probably have no need of a seasonal cleanse.

    Unfortunately, most Americans eat a diet that’s high in processed foods and low in nutrients that challenge the digestive tract...and so, long story short, we wind up holding onto a lot of waste products that we don’t really need. The result? We feel bloated and gassy. We get grumpy as backed-up toxins seep into our bloodstream and pass through our brain, and ultimately we start seeing our immune system breaking down.

    The solution? A seasonal cleanse to clear out your system. By not overloading your digestive tract with heavy foods, but instead giving it soothing teas and easy-to-digest foods, along with readings and exercises to support your mind, body, and spirit. Cassandra’s seasonal, supported group cleanses do just that: You emerge feeling lighter, refreshed, and renewed, bursting with energy and vibrancy. What a wonderful way to enter the spring or fall!

    Interested in cleansing? There's no better time like the present to start! The Just BEE Wellness Seasonal Cleanse begins on July 19th and registration is open now. Click here to learn more.

    Optionally, you may become an annual subscriber of our Just BEE Membership Community which includes 1 Complimentary cleanse per year, in addition to the many other member benefits and services.

    Enjoy The Benefits of Membership + 1 Month Free -- ONLY $79 $60 (Limited Offer)

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    Just read what past participants have to say about their JBW Cleanse experience:

    I participated in the 3-Day tele-support cleanse in April. I found the cleanse very beneficial and enjoyed the Q/A sessions each night because I was able to discuss my challenges with the other women. Knowing that they were having similar withdrawal symptoms made it somewhat easier. I found Cassandra to be very knowledgable and supportive. She was very accessible and was a source of encouragement when I felt as though I wanted to eat something. Some things that I will continue to incorporate into my life is being careful about what I put in and on my “temple” and drinking hot lemon water and smoothies on a daily basis. Thank you! - Kim Lindsay



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