Secrets to Creating Sexual Ecstasy for Singles, Couples and Everyone “In Between”!

  • Ellen Eatough, MA, “The Soulful Sex Coach,” is the founder of and creator of the lovemaking enhancement system, “4 Keys to Sexual Ecstasy: Experience Soulful Connection with Spine-Tingling Sex.”

    On this call she will discuss:

    • The #1 block to attracting a partner who's a great match for you in every way, and how the same block can limit connection and attraction in existing couples – and ways you can transform it
    • The sacred wound, the widespread split between sexuality and spirituality
    • The “Law of Resonance” and what it means for your sex life and intimate relationship
    • Why making changes at the subtle energy level is much faster and more deeply transformative than working with affirmations and talk therapy
    • How music infused with Auditory PheromonesTM can effortlessly help you open to and attract love, clear blocks to intimacy and pleasure, and take your lovemaking to new heights of ecstasy
    • The good news about the differences in what spiritually-focused men and women want sexually
    • The 60-second daily practice that can help keep you and your partner stay connected and juicy for sex when the opportunity arises

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    Originally Aired: Thu, May 2, 2013 from 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm EST


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