Textures of a Life Richly Lived

  • The 5 Textures of Vividly Woman is a treasure map of sensual awakening, energy expanding and dynamically liberating expressiveness. It’s an energy management system that helps us to identify our habits and blind-spots so that we can more consciously navigate our way home to our embodied power.

    Through out interface with the 5 textures (Sense, Ground, Mobilize, Harness and Expand), we can excavate our true self and reach a more intimate and authentic alignment with our soul essence. Making peace with the ways that we have mastered self betrayal and self denial, and learning how to be present in each moment to the truth that lives in our body so that we no longer commit violence against ourselves through unconsciousness and self blame, we can learn to love ourselves in a real and enduring way.

    From a sensually grounded and merciful quality of being with ones self, we can cultivate the intimacy and depth in our relationships with others, both personally and professionally that breeds meaning and genuine fulfillment for our lifetime.

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    Originally Aired: Thu, Jun 20, 2013 from 7:30 pm - 8:30 pm EST


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