Cultivating and Reaping The Benefits of Positive Emotions

  • This workshop includes a brief exploration of happiness and well-being and delves more deeply into the importance of positive emotions in broadening perception and build resilience. The evolutionary function of negative and positive emotions will be explored. Strategies for increasing positive emotions will also be presented.

    Objective 1) Attendees will be able to list the benefits of increasing well-being.

    Objective 2) Attendees will be able to identify positive emotions and understand their capacity to broaden perceptions and build resilience.

    Objective 3) Attendees will be able to list the different evolutionary functions of positive and negative emotions.

    Objective 4) Attendees will be able develop strategies for increasing positive emotions.


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  1. sunnysandra January 12, 2012

    Great energy on the membership call this evening with Rebecca Wilkinson. I learned so much about how positive emotions can widen my perception and increase my creativity.

    The Authentic Happiness web-site was recommended as a resource. There are different questionnaires that you can complete. Such as the Happiness Inventory, Compassionate Love Scale, Optimism Test. I think we should take some of them and discuss our results on the upcoming Just BEE Wellness Community forum.

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