Zest and Harmony in 5 Simple Steps

  • Join Cassandra Herbert, your Just BEE Wellness host, as she shares her personal journey from a life out of balance to one with more "Zest & Harmony".

    During this presentation you will:

    1. Learn how Cassandra's once imbalanced life wreaked havoc on her mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.
    2. Learn tools and resources she used, and you can use, to develop a life filled with more "Zest and Harmony"
    3. Learn 5 simple steps you can incorporate immediately to have a more balanced and vibrant living experience.
    4. Have an opportunity to share with others the successes and challenges of your "Wellness" journey.
    5. Insider tip: Discover the idea, vision and passion behind the Just BEE Women's Wellness Tele-series


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  1. sunnysandra October 12, 2011

    The 5 simple steps for more Zest and Harmony were
    Healthy Eating
    Share with the Just BEE Community which one helps you to experience Zest &Harmony

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