Allison Braun

  • Allison Braun, also affectionately known as The Bedroom Joyologist, is an advocate of living fully expressed – sexuality and all. A Life/Sex/Relationship Coach who loves empowering women to get their sexy on both in and out of the bedroom, she teaches women how to confidently live life to the fullest, discover their sexual and emotional needs and express them. She wants them to feel sexy and have the best relationships ever – with themselves and their partners.

    Allison has a Bachelor of Science in Natural Health (focusing on sexual health, psychology, energy work and supplementation). She combines her education in life coaching, natural health, energy work, and sexuality with her intuition and passion for helping women have amazing relationships with themselves, their bodies and their partners while having fun and living fully expressed lives.

    When she is not writing articles and new content, Allison enjoys spending time with her husband, Garret – walking, dancing, watching movies and eating. She is also enjoying her own continual path of growth and learning by reading, taking courses of interest, indulging in feel good things, taking time to reflect, doing yoga and dancing.


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