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  • One of the most in-demand inspiring speakers on Business Development, Sales, & Finance!

    Ash Shukla is one of the most widely followed personal development trainers & Financial Professionals. He came here from India in 1989 with just $20 and not a word of English. He has written 4 books and is an #1 Amazon best selling author. His books include Sell Like CRAZY, CHAKRAS Of Retirement, CHAKRAS Of Cents, & Leadership CHAKRAS. He is on a mission to help you transform your finances to nirvana utilizing CHAKRAS.

    Inspired by his 95 year old grandfather Ash is determined to show how does yoga, meditation, & CHAKRAS, can be utilized in Finance, Business, & Sales.

    Ash's efforts have inspired thousands of people. As a popular conference speaker, this past summer alone ash spoken at 3 congressional conferences put on by SBTDC with Congressman Steny Hoyer, Roscoe Bartlett, & Elijah Cummings. He has spoken at 4 Universities, Bowie State University, Morgan State University, Delaware University, & Frostburg State University. In addition, Ash has spoken at small business technology development centers, chambers of commerce, & minority women enterprise.

    During a keynote given at a congressional conference put on by SBTDC one of the congressman was so impressed by Ash's keynote that he took a US flag, flew it over country's capital, and sent it to him. as a special thanks for inspiring, educating, & entertaining the crowd of over 400 people.

    Ash's has a show Financial CHAKRAS. Unlike traditional boring financial seminars, purpose of his show is to share greater wealth of knowledge with others, by inviting guest speakers and expanding your horizons & begin showing you How does CHAKRAS exist in finances, and how to utilize them in financial decision making process to make most accurate financial decisions. In Ash's first show he had 10 people showed up second show he had over 50 people showed up.

    Ash's monthly show Financial CHAKRAS has motivated many to become more financially savvy by utilizing CHAKRAS in their business & personal financial decision making process.

    "Because of Financial CHAKRAS show me and my husband now save over $2,000 per month and we are saving it all for our retirement years." - Denise Thompson, CA

    Along with the show, Ash puts on monthly events called Financial CHAKRAS Event, Sales CHAKRAS Event, & Leadership CHAKRAS Event.

    Financial CHAKRAS Event is designed to help you transform your finances to nirvana utilizing CHAKRAS. In this event Ash shares in depth information how does CHAKRAS exist in finances and how to utilize them to make accurate financial decisions.

    Sales CHAKRAS Event is designed to help you with making bigger transactions then your industries average. This event is helpful for those who are struggling with sales or business in the area of closing more deals & building a strong business. For the first time Ash Shukla is sharing how can you utilize CHAKRAS to close more deals to build your business.

    Ash has been in the Financial Services World since 1994. He received his training through 3 major banks as a Sales Rep, Branch Manager, & Private Wealth Manager. He has owned his own business since 2004. Ash has put together people, process, & procedures in place in a way that since starting of his company he has not lost a single client. Ash believes in slow steady wins the race. His philosophy has helped keep his overhead down and yet produce over 5 Million per year in business.

    Whether you join him at his show or event Ash is always eager to meet you.
    Stay in touch with Ash through Facebook Page, Twitter, & LinkedIn.


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