Ayana Burnett

  • Once you sit with her, it is immediately evident that Ayana Burnett is not your ordinary psychotherapist. Many describe her as “gifted” as she works with people from diverse ages and backgrounds to reclaim their inner light and awaken to their inner Divinity to re-create themselves anew.

    This Duke University and Smith College (School for School Work) alumnae trained for over 6 years with one of the largest Non-Profit Organizations in America and was quickly promoted to Senior Clinician before leaving to gain additional experience working within the Baltimore County Public School System in Maryland.

    Ayana is now expanding the reach of her services through the establishment of the part-time private practice, Living Light LLC. At Living Light LLC, Ms. Ayana combines her “traditional” clinical training with a healing arts background, as she is also a Reiki Master under the tutelage of Rev. Dr. AdaRA Walton, ND. Thus Ms. Ayana uses traditional psychotherapy alongside her intuitive and Spirit-led abilities to guide her sacred healing work with others.

    A woman who roots her life in the mantra of “Embracing the GoddIss Within”, Ayana created the Sex As Prayer Women Empowerment Series and Retreats to further assist other women awaken their inner Goddess through the exploration of the powerful energies of sexuality, sensuality and intrinsic ecstasy. Furthermore, Ms. Ayana shares divinely inspired wisdom with an expanded audience through her professional writings as a memoirist,blogger and upcoming author.

    By appointment, Ayana is available for individual, family, couple and group sessions, mental health consultations and workshops. Keep up with her happening including the live version of the Sex As Prayer Progressive Workshop Series by visiting her website at www.HealThySacredSelf.com.


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