Don Robertson

  • Don Robertson is founding director of Earthsave Baltimore, a volunteer operated chapter of the 501-C3 nonprofit group Earthsave International. Earthsave was started in 1989 by author John Robbins, who wrote the Pulitzer nominated book Diet for a New America, and educates people about the powerful impact our food choices have on the environment, our health, and all life on earth, and promotes a shift toward a whole food, plant-based diet.

    Don has hosted the popular Baltimore Vegetarian Dinner Series for sixteen years. The series hold monthly educational potluck dinners at Your Prescription for Health in Owings Mills, MD. He also writes a monthly email newsletter for the group, and organizes the monthly Baltimore Vegetarian and Baltimore Vegan Meetup discussion groups, which meet at local veg-friendly restaurants.

    Don’s mission is to help people take their next step toward a healthy, plant-based diet. He enjoys lecturing and leading workshops on healthier eating; and he’s very active on Facebook, and regularly shares nutritional information and photos with friends from all over.

    Don is passionate and proud of the work he’s doing to promote health, peace, and planetary sustainability.


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