Donna & Paul

  • Donna Sheehan and Paul Reffell met in 1993, when Donna surprised Paul and herself by her intuitive, proactive seduction of him. That profound change raised questions about cultural gender roles, questions that became even more compelling in 2002. When it became clear that America was bound for war, Donna literally dreamed up the idea of having words and symbols of peace spelled out with naked women’s bodies by what became a global movement,

    Surprised by the non-prurient response of the male-dominated media, Donna and Paul began to research the biological power of the Feminine. This led them to Charles Darwin’s Sexual Selection theory, which proves the importance for healthy species of mate selection by the female. The egg knows, not the sperm!

    Donna and Paul saw misunderstandings between the sexes becoming worse, blaming becoming broader, and census statistics showing marked increases in single-person households. All this, and the ongoing wars on ourselves and the planet, pointed to a need for women to reclaim their stature as choreographers and guides of seduction, partnership and male behavior. So began their movement, book and documentary film, Seduction Redefined.

    They conduct workshops helping women and men to trust their Feminine and to revere the Mindful Male. They reveal the brain differences that can eliminate blame and show how partnership of the functional Masculine and Feminine in business, politics and the home is the only hope for our survival. There are only two problems on the planet – women and men!


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