Elaine Nieberding

  • Elaine Nieberding guides leaders and entrepreneurs to step into their power and purpose - Being a vibrant and authentic Healing Presence. She says "Dump Seriousness - so waking up's not hard to do!"

    A holistic nurse and transformation catalyst, Elaine weaves together the power of laughter, wordplay and creative collaboration in her classes, personal counsel, and global-reach online TV program, the Holy ShiFt Show. She passionately produces and promotes Hangouts on Air webcasts, because they're a fun and versatile way to use video for platform-building, client care and coaching, and community collaboration, even with folks world-wide.

    Since 1997, Elaine Nieberding's served groups and audiences as a wellness educator, spiritual mentor, and teacher of Usui Reiki and Laughter Yoga. She's presented before diverse professional and community audiences, and has been known to break into song when it's least expected.


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