Ellen Eatough

  • Ellen Eatough, “The Soulful Sex Coach,” has nearly 30 years’ experience in holistic health. Since 1991 she has focused primarily on transforming sexual and relationship blocks and helping couples experience truly ecstatic lovemaking, which she defines as profoundly and deeply fulfilling, sexually, emotionally and spiritually. To these ends, she has developed unique products and programs that harness vibrational frequencies, including sound, colored light, and subtle energy to support intimacy, joyful sexual expression, and sexual healing.

    Ellen has a Masters Degree in East-West Psychology (a marriage of western psychology and eastern spirituality), from the California Institute for Integral Studies, is a Certified Hypnotherapist, and is a trained practitioner in many energetic and somatic modalities. She has also spent many years researching ancient sacred lovemaking traditions, contemporary transpersonal and relationship psychology, and cutting-edge modern sex research. She even became a research subject in a nationwide study of people who have spontaneous experiences of transcendent sex.

    She is on a quest to help heal the pervasive cultural “wound” that typically splits our sexuality and our spiritual lives, and she believes an open heart is the key to deeply fulfilling sexuality and spirituality and is thus the bridge that heals this split. Her dream is to help us all cultivate the powerful energies of sexuality and an undefended heart so we can fully experience our divine nature in all of life.


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