Heather Shrive

  • Heather Shreve is founder and CEO of LIFEguard Wellness and has a passion for maximizing health and wellbeing and helping others achieve the best in both. Heather’s background in biology and zoology has led her on a journey to explore how the human body ages and repairs itself, but more importantly –human behavior and thinking patterns.

    Heather has authored a unique and original program; Drawn Into Wellness, which is a strength-based coaching platform to help people address and assess habits, patterns, beliefs and values in order to master the invisible forces that sabotage our wellness. Heather also is the behavior and engagement specialist for NextLogical,voted top performer in 2011 by Carefirst for wellness programming and cost containment.

    Heather is also a certified Wellcoach ( ACSM), Personal Trainer ( ACSM), speaker, writer, and a life-long artist and has a CEU program certified by the Maryland Nurses Association for healthcare workers that is viable in all 50 states.


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