Jeffrey Willius

  • Jeffrey Willius is a seasoned writer, an award-winning graphic designer, a patent-owning inventor and an inveterate observer of life.

    Willius has written professionally for over 30 years. His commissioned work has been published in Popular Science Magazine and in many daily newspapers, trade magazines, websites and blogs. He owns and produces the popular blog, One Man's Wonder, a treasury of observations on life, Nature and new ways of seeing.

    His first book, Under the Wild Ginger – A Simple Guide to the Wisdom of Wonder (Bunker Hill Publishing) is a primer on how to notice and celebrate small wonders—in Nature, in life and in the human spirit. It acknowledges the growing yearning so many people feel, in this sped-up, dumbed-down, Tweet-compressed world, to slow down and embrace a more aware, curious, grateful life.

    In the book’s brief, tightly-crafted reflections Willius invites us all to find personal, spiritual meaning in a closer connection with Nature, and challenges us to reclaim the pure, innocent, as-if-for-the-first-time way of sensing that came so naturally to us when we were children.

    Willius lives with his wife Sally in Minneapolis and Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, Mexico.


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