Karen Brody

  • Karen Brody is on a mission to help people be good to themselves. A meditator for over 25 years, when she discovered yoga nidra meditation, a sleep-based meditation technique, she found it so profoundly impacted her health she called it, “meditation with a cherry on top.” Today Karen has turned her passion for yoga nidra meditation into Bold Tranquility, a fatigue management system for modern life.

    Bold Tranquility is leading a movement to make yoga nidra meditation easily accessible through their new app and web-based platform, launching this summer. Karen has written about her personal struggles with severe anxiety and burnout in The Huffington Post, Pathways to Family Wellness Magazine, and The Shriver Report. She credits yoga nidra meditation with helping her heal her history of anxiety, raise her children, and write her critically acclaimed play Birth.


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