Lisa Mayers

  • Lisa Mayers is a Law of Attraction Sensuality Coach and founder of Deliberate Sensuality. Her philosophy is based on the belief that by living life sensually - fully present in every moment, while savoring all the delicious delights and sensations that each moment brings - life becomes richer and more satisfying. It is from this feel-good place that we are able to attract all that we desire.

    Lisa offers private coaching for individuals who are seeking to enhance the pleasure they derive from their everyday lives. Her clients include men and women with specific goals, as well as those who simply want to feel better. She also specializes in working with women in committed relationships who have lost their libido and who wish to re-establish a sensually pleasurable, intimate, and fulfilling connection with their partner.

    Lisa’s recent journey with breast cancer has also given her unique insights and first-hand experience in using the practice of Deliberate Sensuality™ and Law of Attraction to maintain a positive outlook during chemo, find the blessings along the way and even attract the life of your dreams – despite the rigors of cancer treatment. She now offers this specialized coaching approach to anyone going through a similar experience.

    Lisa is a single mom, living in Upstate NY. In addition to her work as a Sensuality Coach, she is also a writer and PR professional.


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