Liz Draman

  • Liz is a holistic practitioner and spiritual powerhouse. She has spent over 25 years seeking and defining her own path, developing an abundant spiritual toolbox along the way. Her Intuitive gifts of clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognize and channeling messages from light beings are the divine healing gifts she draws upon to enhance her knowledge of metaphysics.

    Her path as a student of metaphysics began after a life-altering spiritual awakening at the age of 24. Her desire for understanding of this profound transformation set her on an amazing journey which led to studies in Theology and Metaphysical Universal Laws, such as the Law of Attraction, Reiki, Native American and Andean Shamanism, Mastery of Language, Biosonic Re-pattering with Tuning Forks, Angel Healing, and Environmental Stress Management.


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