Mary NurrieStearns

  • Mary NurrieStearns is a psychotherapist, author and speaker with over 35 years’ experience in mental health wellness and counseling. She’s also an advanced level yoga teacher who travels nationally, training mental health professionals and, with her husband, leads meditation and yoga retreats.

    Mary served as editor of Personal Transformation, a magazine on psycho-spiritual growth, and has been immersed in consciousness studies for over 20 years. She is author of several wellness articles, co-edited Soulful living, co-authored Yoga for Anxiety, and is author of the upcoming book Yoga for Emotional Trauma. She has also produced CD’s and a DVD on the healing practices of yoga, compassion, and mindfulness.

    Mary credits yoga for profound personal transformation and knows the indescribable joy and peace of silence. She and her husband Rick live quietly in the woods of rural Oklahoma, amidst their pets and wild life.


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