Saida Désilets

  • Saida Désilets, Ph.D is an internationally renowned seminar leader and advocate for conscious, integrated sexuality. As the Creatrix of Succulence, she brings a gentle, fun, and invitational approach to a topic that is loaded with misunderstandings and has successfully assisted thousands of women world-wide to embrace what is naturally theirs: Succulent Aliveness!

    Supporting women to redirect their attention from external 'expert' opinions, Saida encourages each woman to explore for themselves and shift from a ‘functional’ model to a self-defined ‘meaning’ model of sexuality.  She lives in Hawaii where she can be found devouring lilikoi (passionfruit), dancing on beaches and in parks, and collecting as many smiles as she can from all those who cross her path.


    Female Taoist sexual practices with Saida:


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