Shantam Nityama

  • Shantam Nityama has pioneered his own revolutionary form of bodywork, designed to take men and women on a journey from sex to super-consciousness. Nityama’s wisdom and dynamic insights on male/female relating, spirituality, sexuality and living authentically have facilitated powerful transformations in the lives of the thousands of men and women he has worked with over the last 25 years. Along with the influence of being a disciple of Osho for 30 years, Nityama also utilizes his expertise in numerous healing modalities, including Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Bodytalk, Advanced Medical Qi Gong, Bowen technique and Neuro-Structural Integration technique.

    Nityama’s gift of perceiving where energy is held in the body and knowing how to connect with men and women to catalyze a shift in that energy is unparalleled. He uses his depth of perception, compassion, and energetic bodywork to invite you to drop inside your body to shift the patterns, conditioning and tension which limit the expression of your beauty and life force.

    Nityama on Conscious Relating Pt 1


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