Shelagh Waters-Dwyer BSN, CHC, ACE Certified GFI, SQiC

  • Shelagh brings 25-plus years of experience to the wellness profession as a transformational healer. As a nurse and wellness coach, she has a unique understanding of physical biology and developmental stages, as well as the understanding for changing an individual's belief system, which are keys for sustainable behavioral change. Shelagh empowers her clients with wellness "tools" to take care of their physical being to achieve "physical intelligence" (PQ), as a critical aspect of the transformation process. Physical intelligence builds physical endurance, which is foundational for emotional and spiritual intelligence.

    She coaches on the core components of health and well-being, and provides clients with customized "tools" to build physical intelligence, which leads to an increase in personal "bandwidth" or capacity. This increased capacity shows up as individual qualities such as integrity, accountability and respect.

    • Her clients report an enhanced ability to manage stress and therefore stress induced health issues.
    • Her clients appreciate her ability to create a safe environment where they can share freely without fear of judgment, as well as her medical "evidence-based" training as the foundation for metaphysical healing.

    She has been recognized multiple times as a top innovator and new revenue producer for the companies that she has represented.

    Shelagh has a BS in Nursing from Villanova University, is a certified Holistic Health Coach, is an ACE certified GFI and is certified as a Spiritual Intelligence Coach. She is an engaging international speaker, Retreat and Workshop Facilitator, and works individually with client consultations. She currently resides in New Jersey.


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