Sidonie Bouchet

  • Sidonie Bouchet is a fully qualified Reflexologist from the Australian College of Natural Medicine in Brisbane. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, and a background in editorial publishing.

    With a special interest in Nutrition, she began studying Naturopathy at Nature Care in Sydney, Australia in the early 1990s. Motherhood interrupted her studies and became a catalyst for very deep levels of healing and personal integration.

    Several years later, Sidonie began working as a Spiritual Counselor and conducted Spiritual Healing workshops in the Samford Valley near Brisbane. Since 2000, she has gathered Lightworkers for ceremonial performances, including the annual Woodford Folk Festival. She has a deep resonance and an ancient relationship with the fascinating field of color and uses herbs extensively in her everyday life.

    Sidonie practices Reflexology, Spiritual Guidance & Color Therapy in Australia. She writes and facilitates workshops on a number of topics, including: Divine Union, Sacred Sexuality, Partner Reflexology, Finding Your Soul Purpose, Restoring the Lightbody with Color, Making Love to Yourself and Kundalini Chakra Color Dance. She is the founder of the popular Facebook page, Soul Sex.


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